Auction Boys

Auction Boys

Who Are Auction Boys?

Established in 2005, Auction Boys has been selling residential, commercial, industrial and leisure real estate in South Africa for 11 years now as a company, participating in the auction real estate industry for 22 years.

auction boys
  • 1994, Auction Boys owners working for Seapoint Auction Mart who brought the idea of selling real estate on auction as an option to the South African Market from Australia.
  • In a tough market with a country going through enormous change, many were selling property but very few using the auction option. Perceptions today about auctions still remain rooted, if you are in financial trouble, you put your property on auction, which could not be further from the truth.
  • From 1994 to today numerous Auction Houses established themselves as household and industry names being recognised as the place to go to sell your property on auction.
  • From 1994 to 2005, the owners of Auction Boys collaborated with established Auction Houses, officially registering Auction Boys in 2005.
  • Since 1994, from 2005 through Auction Boys, many properties have been sold on auction with o sellers and buyer who bought or sold on auction, now being converts to this option.
  • Auctioning of properties in South Africa has also gained notoriety from the fact that many South African families now living in Australia and New Zealand have been exposed to buying or selling on auction, because this is the norm in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Prediction, as sellers and buyers get to understand how the auction system works and become more confident with it, auctioning of real estate will become the norm in South Africa too, even if only as another option.

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