Eastside Properties

Eastside Properties

Who Are Eastside Properties?

Eastside Properties was established in 2000. The company founder has held a Fidelity Fund Certificate since 1988. Eastside Properties started life as Eastside Realty Group, the name changed to Eastside Properties in 2010, following a restructuring of the company.

eastside properties
  • We believe selling real estate is a dynamic environment and as such are always on the lookout for the best possible way to sell real estate which will benefit our clients the most. Same old same old does not apply at Eastside.
  • At Eastside Properties we look for solutions for our clients on how best we can sell your property and on how best we can assist our buyers. We scour the world in search of the best and most innovative ways to sell real estate  and implement them. That is why in 2015 Eastside Properties along with amalgamated with Auction Boys & Succeed Business Network formed Innovative Property Solutions to provide a true solution to selling or renting residential, commercial or industrial real estate  as well as movables.
  • Our agreement with our sister company allows us to sell properties that did not sell on auction.
  • Eastside Properties clients come first, even if we have an exclusive mandate on your property, should another agent have the buyer, the deal is done, your property is sold. This is about you and how best we can deliver on your mandate to you gave us which was sell my property.
  • Eastside Principal Agent is a Court Appointed Appraiser, which translates to his valuation being defendable in court, this is not the case with an agent, an agents valuation is an opinion.
  • Eastside Properties assists with liquidation sales and deceased estates.

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