Who Are Auction Boys?

Established in 2005, Auction Boys has been selling residential, commercial, industrial and leisure real estate in South Africa.


  • Starting in 1994, Auction Boys owners worked with a leading motor vehicle auction house who brought the idea of selling real estate on auction as an option as opposed to foreclosure, a system where up to 80% of all property sold in Australia is via the auction route. This has been more famous since the screening of the hit television series “The Block” 
  • Since 1994 numerous Auction Houses have established themselves as household and industry names selling property via the auction route.
  • Its fast, its exciting and you can achieve a price for your property that you ordinarily wont achieve through an estate agent.
  • From 1994 to 2005, the owners of Auction Boys collaborated with established Auction Houses, officially registering Auction Boys in 2005.
  • Auctioning of properties in South Africa has gained notoriety from the fact that many South African families now living in Australia and New Zealand have been exposed to buying or selling on auction
  • Prediction by the then CEO of the estate agents regulatory body that auctions would one day rival the number of estate agents is coming to pass. Going forward Auction Boys has a business plan to role the brand out to every possible local market it can as “your local auctioneer” look out for us, until then, happy shopping online.